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  Corrosion resistant rubber joint and rubber joint generally in the appearance of no essential difference, so how can we distinguish the true corrosion resistant rubber joint?
  EPDM橡胶膨胀节又称软橡胶管接头,柔性EPDM橡胶膨胀节,软橡胶膨胀节,可绕EPDM橡胶膨胀节弯曲,高压EPDM橡胶膨胀节,橡胶减震器,补偿器等。根据松动法兰连接点,固定法兰和螺纹三种; 根据结构可分为单球,双球,减体。五种球和压板弯管。内外层采用塑料,帘布层和胎圈由管状橡胶部件组成,然后用金属法兰或平行连接件松散夹套组合成型。该产品可以减少振动和噪音,并且由于温度变化引起的热膨胀和收缩因补偿而广泛应用于各种管道系统中,具有很高的灵活性,
  EPDM rubber joint is also called soft rubber pipe joint, flexible EPDM rubber joint, soft rubber joint, can be bent around EPDM rubber joint, high-pressure EPDM rubber joint, rubber shock absorber, compensator, etc.According to loose flange joint, fixed flange and thread three;According to the structure can be divided into single ball, double ball, minus body.Five balls and press plate elbow.The inner and outer layers are made of plastic, the cord layer and the tire ring are composed of tubular rubber parts, which are then combined with metal flanges or loose jacket of parallel connectors.The product can reduce vibration and noise, and due to temperature changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction due to compensation and widely used in a variety of pipe systems, with a high degree of flexibility,
  Features: high internal density, can withstand high pressure, good elastic deformation effect.
  Advantages: high quality EPDM rubber connector, reduce vibration, reduce noise, scalability and ease of use.
  Purpose: pump, valve connection, fire fighting equipment, vibration of the larger pipe, hot and cold pipe frequent changes.
  Applicable media: water, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, sewage, oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, refined oil refining, air, gas, steam and powder particles.
  AG8 耐腐蚀软橡胶膨胀节采用的是进口EPDM橡胶,我们的三元B抗丙烯橡胶柔性连接器用于制造橡胶陶氏,在制造工艺是外层天然橡胶可以很好的抗老化,耐腐蚀的内层光滑的橡胶手柄,所以当这种橡胶膨胀节内外层的区别橡胶材料不同,颜色和气味不一样,略低于其他弹性橡胶膨胀节,钢筋内部柔软使用较多,所以重量较重,一般寿命约七年视具体情况而定。
  Loose corrosion in the summer of soft rubber joint adopts imported EPDM rubber, our three yuan B propylene rubber flexible connectors used in the manufacture of rubber dow resistance, in the manufacturing process is the outer rubber can be a good anti-aging, corrosion resistance of the inner smooth rubber handle, so when this kind of rubber joint rubber material is different, the difference between the inside and outside layer is not the same as the color and smell, slightly lower than other flexible rubber joint, soft steel internal use is more, so the heavier weight, general life about seven years depending on the specific situation.



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